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mirExTra 2.0

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Differential expression

Find miRNAs and TFs
with crucial roles

Discover microRNAs with central roles between conditions and analyze microRNA/mRNA expression data from NGS experiments with DIANA-miRextra v2.0! The server enables sophisticated analyses from an easy to use online interface, without requiring bioinformatics expertise of HPC infrastructure.

Differential Expression Analysis Module (DEA): Select and compare groups of microRNA or mRNA expression samples (e.g. Normal Stomach samples vs Stomach Adenocarcinoma) from the extensive DIANA expression database. Hundreds of RNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq libraries with billions of reads have already been analyzed in-house and uploaded! Upload your own expression data from sequencing experiments (RNA-Seq or small-RNA-Seq) and analyze them online. The interface enables powerful analyses and visualizations including differential expression analysis with DESeq, Limma and edgeR, heatmaps, dimentionality reduction (PCA), clustering and more!

Central microRNA Discovery Module (CmD): Combine microRNA and mRNA expression data, in order to identify functional microRNAs responsible for changes in mRNA expression. You can also upload your own differential expression results or import them from a previous miRExtra analysis! CmD performs a state-of-the-art overrepresentation analysis and identifies important microRNAs in your data. It utilizes in silico predicted interactions from DIANA-microT-CDS, as well as more than 600.000 experimentally validated interactions from the DIANA-TarBase v7.0. mRNA and microRNA Differential Expression results are concurrently analyzed and important regulators are found based on functional analysis of their targets.